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Machinery and industrial robots

Equipment is the baseline and the most valuable, in all senses, component of any production. The process of selecting a manufacturer and a supplier of packaging production equipment or packaging processes is an important business stage. In fact, it is this decision that determines how fast the costs pay off and how successful the business is as a whole. 

Today, automation becomes an increasingly vital part of both our lives and production. Automation of packaging processes is not far behind. Today, collaborative robots, which not even five years ago were curious showpieces, find their application in real enterprises; and manual in-box packaging becomes an archaism with many errors and failures.

The global trend for automation and robotics will be relevant for a long time. The more complex integrated automated systems are replacing the relatively simple equipment, allowing to optimize the packaging processes and to combine the entirety of the product unit movement chain, from the production line to the group packaging and the distribution center allocation.

TRANSPACK exhibition presents: 

·       Equipment and materials for containers and packaging products

·       Equipment for printing on packaging

·       Equipment for packaging processes

·       Automation systems and robots for packaging

·       Equipment for packaging processing and packaging waste

·       Packaging tools

·      Components and Accessories