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Packaging materials

Selecting a certain packaging material based on a cargo type looks simple and obvious only at the first glance. Of course, any packaging material must, first, ensure the safety of products at all the stages of a supply chain and be in tandem with the transport packaging. It dictates what additional packaging materials would be necessary – films, adhesive tapes, protective corners and so on. When turning to the issue of optimization of the logistics costs through the optimization of packaging processes, an unfair emphasis is placed on transport packaging, without consideration for the packaging materials.

Large cumulative amounts of used films, tapes, and paper allow – with proper calculations – the cost reduction at each stage of transport and logistics chain.

Modern realities, while ensuring the mandatory safety of goods during transportation, do not dictate the need for a focus on environmental friendliness. Moreover, this does not mean any rejection of polymer packaging materials in favor of “green” ones. This means a competent and considerate decision on the use of one or other type of packaging material, its amount per unit of goods, as well as the possibility of recycle or reuse.

The end customer does not often come into direct contact with the packaging material. Nevertheless, the world's leading corporations increasingly rely on socially responsible businesses with solicitous attitudes towards resources and environment, as, in the long run, this will lead to an increase in consumer confidence.

Packaging Materials Presented at TRANSPACK

·       Stretch film

·       Bubble wrap

·       Shrink wrapper

·       Adhesive tapes, glues

·       Paper

·       Strapping and packing tape

·       Cardboard corners

·       Ropes, pack threads, steel cables