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TRANSPACK 2020. Russian market is following the work schedule

Despite the non-working week being declared in Russia, Russian businesses try to keep up with the work schedules. Today, as never before, the skills of self-management and responsibility to each other, discipline and optimism are valued. What does the TRANSPACK exhibition team live by these days, and, more importantly, how do they work?


“Despite the impossibility of personal meetings and participation in industry events, the TRANSPACK exhibition is ‘alive.’ Yes, the exhibition team is separated from both the team members themselves and the participants, but that would not always be the case. Even in these trying times, we receive inquiries about the exhibition participation. Because the moment when the state borders would be open again will come, and communication will go back to the usual live form which is sorely missed by us all. ”

Nadezhda Talanova,
TRANSPACK exhibition

POLICA PROF staff members are working remotely. Product shipments are proceeding as usual. All of the obligations undertaken by us earlier will certainly be fulfilled! We will not stop and we keep up with our activities. We also address all of the entrepreneurs: do not stop. Keep working no matter the hardships with all of the recommended safety measures in place. Try not to panic at the current situation. Be more tolerant. In such a complicated time, we must unite and learn to understand and have regard for each other.

For you and your close ones we wish to stay healthy and safe! Have patience and strength to live through these trying times!”

Ekaterina Korshunova,

GOTEK keeps working while complying with all of the safety precautions to the letter. On one hand, all business is having a deficit of crisis managers and leaders. On the other hand, the time has come when the best qualities are shown: those of leadership, humanity and civility.”

Tatiana Shuklina,

“Hard times are not a holiday occasion. The instability of the situation had caused us to change the habitual way of working and to adjust our actions with the possibility of our staff working remotely. ‘ANT Technologies’ takes care of the health of its collective, and approaches the obligations we have towards our partners and clients responsibly. We keep working on the current and new projects, render technical support according to the schedule, help to adapt to the new conditions and are always open for dialogue. ”

Aleksandr Usov,
ANT Technologies

The TRANSPACK exhibition will commence as planned, from September 22 to 24, 2020, in Moscow, Russia, IEC “Crocus Expo”, at the same time and site as the CeMAT RUSSIA exhibition.